Danilo Ivanovic,was born in Foca, Yugoslavia, in 1953. He graduated from Pedagogic Art Academy in Niksic, Montenegro, where he was a student of Professor Nikola Gvozdenovic. During his studies Danilo Ivanovic visited several countries in search of inspiration and technique; among others France, Italy, Spain, Greece, and Turkey. In his homecountry he held various individual exhibitions. Danilo Ivanovic moved to Norway in 1991, and has since then been working on several projects and individual exhibitions. His work consists of oil painting and icon painting. As a visiting teacher in icon painting at the National Art Academy in Oslo, Norway, he teaches the original Byzantine icon technique. He has hosted several solo and group exhibitions and projects.

Danilo's paintings were conceived as a selection of works-Homage-Eve, strongly relying on realistic painting with much clarity and detail. Its figurative art direction and strong expressive charge is imbued with mythological and fantasy elements, playful forms, bright color contrast, and closed manifold mythological compositions. Charged emotional material, sensual nudes, strong contrasts of light, the illusion of deep space, ornaments, sensuality, and spectacle are all crucially important elements within Ivanovic's work which inspire and open horizons to new values of aesthetic expression. It is a combination of symbolism in surrealist painting, living motion, and the richness and splendor of the brightly coloured, directed towards the outer rich compositions of fairy, allegorical and mythological themes. Nothing in this intriguing image gradually blends into the embrace of illusion like mixing reality and the painted, with distressed and entangled characters. Everything ulses limitless life, turquoise blue passion and the primal desire to survive.

The famous sculptor Boban Ilic once said about Danilo's Women: "Women??!
The women on your paintings breathe on the other screen, as if they were locked. They themselves touch their tongue as cats lick their paws, and put it on gold scales. Between you and your women are many treasures. That's why he has taken away the language of God, and quietly enslaved the brushes. As a silent, black gondola through the quiet water and the lively women's breath."